Introduction to MondayOFF

Leslie Olesch • Publishing Manager

2023. 08. 23

MondayOFF is a mobile game publisher specializing in hyper-casual and hybrid-casual games. We focus on providing developers with flexible KPIs that enable them to publish their games. We are committed to providing detailed feedback, maintaining close communication with studios, and building strong relationships to achieve success.

Our portfolio includes popular titles such as Gun Head Run and Life of Mellow, which have garnered over 200 million downloads. We are always looking for new games to add to our portfolio, so if you're a developer looking to publish your game, look no further than MondayOFF.

Our Values and Goals

At MondayOFF, we prioritize teamwork and strive to create a collaborative environment where everyone works together to achieve greatness.

Our developers can take ownership of their projects and design enjoyable and profitable games with flexible KPIs.

As our name implies, we want our users to take a break from their daily routines and enjoy a world of fun; the same goes for our employees. We actively seek partnerships with small studios to help promote their creations on a global scale.

Our collaborative approach provides these talented studios with the resources and exposure they need to succeed, which enriches our portfolio with innovative and diverse games.

What to Expect When Working with MondayOFF?

At MondayOFF, we believe in providing game developers and studios with the best opportunities. That's why every game submitted to our dashboard undergoes a thorough review by our expert publishing managers. We actively encourage feedback requests from studios and individual developers for their next iteration. Contact us on our Discord channel to get in touch.

Our flexible KPI approach allows us to provide opportunities to any game that showcases potential in metrics. If you prefer to iterate before requesting feedback, that's okay too. At MondayOFF, we work with your style to help you achieve your goals.

Collaborating with us means close collaboration with one of our publishing managers, who will provide detailed feedback to improve metrics and pave the way for a global launch with access to millions of potential users. You'll also have access to our in-house developers to solve any problems you may encounter during the process and our creatives team for the best CPI.

At MondayOFF, our team of highly skilled game artists and developers has excelled in game development since 2018. You can expect the same level of care and attention that we give to our in-house games for your game through our publishing managers. Join us today, and let's achieve success together.

MondayOFF Dashboard

Don't waste time waiting if you've got a prototype ready to test. You can begin submitting immediately through our dashboard without needing second-party reviews or approvals. Updating your game takes less than 15 minutes once you're ready.

At MondayOFF, we're always committed to providing our developers with the best tools and resources to help them succeed. Our dashboard is constantly evolving, with exciting new features on the way, such as productivity tools, including a simulation based on your test results that can project publishing benchmarks, giving you an idea of how successful your game can be if published. Regular updates ensure developers have access to cutting-edge tools that streamline game development and boost productivity. We encourage our developers to look forward to these upcoming enhancements dropping within 2023 as we strive to provide the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced game development landscape.

With our easy submission process and user-friendly dashboard, anyone can get started with us at the click of a button. If you have issues or questions regarding the submission process, join our Discord; we will help you as quickly as possible. So come on board, everyone - at MondayOFF, we're here to help you thrive.

Everyone, MondayOFF!

Join MondayOFF today and take your mobile game to the next level. As a publisher, we prioritize teamwork, detailed feedback, and flexible KPIs to help you succeed. Our portfolio includes hit titles like Merge Bullet and Life of Mellow, and we're dedicated to expanding and growing with our developers. When you submit your game to our dashboard, you'll have access to our expert publishing managers, in-house developers, and creative team to ensure your game reaches its full potential. Take advantage of the benefits of partnering with MondayOFF - we look forward to working with you!

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