[Game Jam] Test as fast as you can - Monday Run

Leslie Olesch • Publishing Manager

2022. 06. 21

The Hyper casual industry is ever-changing. One moment, you look at the current trends, and the next, everything has changed! To give our in-house studios a chance to take a break from daily routines and let them challenge their creativity without any restrictions, we held our first game jam, “Monday Run,” for two weeks, from June 8th to June 21st.

The rules were easy. Develop a prototype from scratch, ready for CPI testing. Everything from ideation to the production of creatives was up to our in- house teams. After a draw, groups were formed, and everyone was motivated and ready to work on their prototype. Naturally, the freedom to create any game you want can be inviting, but that was not all we wanted to give our studios. To reward everyone for their hard work, attractive cash prizes were waiting for the ones that could win the CPI challenge. The lower the CPI, the higher the reward.


With teams formed and rewards announced, everyone was ready to work. In entirely new environments, the teams quickly thought of many ideas, but deciding which project to start was not as easy. Time was pressing, and the studios had to decide soon. Various ideas, themes, and genres were born from just a few hours of brainstorming. Swords, Guns, Animals, Runners, Puzzles, and more made the final selection.


Infinity Cannon


Gun Head Run

• These two games are about to launch this month.

On the 22nd, creatives were submitted, marking the beginning of the marketability test phase—five days of waiting followed. Meanwhile, studio team members got to guess which creative would be the most successful. We ended up having two corrected guesses!

The game jam experience was new for everyone, and returning to the roots of Hyper casual, fast ideation, and prototyping was a great refresher. Some of the games are in further development and preparing for launch!

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