Feeling The Christmas Spirit at MondayOFF

Leslie Olesch • Publishing Manager

2021. 12. 08


Christmas time is here, and the cozy, warm atmosphere has reached MondayOFF headquarters.

As the days get colder, we wanted to create a comforting environment in our office. On MondayOFF day, which happens on the first Monday of every month, everyone bonds with their colleagues and unlocks creativity. This created just the right opportunity for us to turn our o

ffice into a Christmas paradise.

Everyone actively participated in decorating various areas of the office. We set up a tree, created garlands, hung balloons, and adorned our plants with sparkly Christmas ornaments.


But not only classic Christmas ornaments got to sparkle on our tree. Can you spot our games stealing the spotlight?

We are grateful that everyone bonded during this playful day and participated so eagerly. Everybody will feel more comfortable working in this cozy space with this warm atmosphere.


Now that everyone is in a Christmas mood, we are ready for our Christmas party happening later this month.

We are so excited about all these events happening, and indeed they will keep us warm in the cold winter months.

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