A MondayOFF Christmas Party

Leslie Olesch • Publishing Manager

2021. 12. 09

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is Here at MondayOFF!

This Christmas, everybody at MondayOFF got to enjoy a jolly good time. All the employees had a lot of fun playing fun games with the promise of a huge cash prize at the end, Squid Game style. With the promise of a luscious award, everyone was fired up to get it! The competition was high for each team.

Everyone was split up into five teams, and only one of them could obtain the piggy bank filled to the brim with money. The night's first challenge was a timed quiz, where only one person could get the correct answer for their team.


Next up, a tree decorating challenge! The most creative tree shall win! It was definitely a challenge to make a tree with what was available at the office, so everyone got really creative! During the presentation, we truly got to see some fascinating specimens. Some looked more like Christmas, and some others looked like something undefinable. Creativity was through the roof!


After a beautiful tree decorating competition was time for Be a Pong! But in real life! (If you get the hint.) This was the true challenge! Each team against each other, face to face as if their lives were on the line. Although we might not have the best motor skills, we had the best time playing this game.

The MVP of this game was definitely our full-stack developer. He really does know how to calculate!


Our last but not least Christmas Challenge was the gingerbread house challenge! For many people, it was their first time making a gingerbread house. Coordinating with their teammates was more complicated than expected. Gluing the house together might have been the most challenging task, but this did not stop anyone from completing their home.Finally, the election of the best MondayOFF game in 2021. It was a hard decision, but Life of Mellow won the prize in the end.


Last but not least, the election of the best MondayOFF game in 2021. It was a hard decision, but Life of Mellow won the prize in the end. (Download Life of Mellow for  IOS  and Android!)


Not only that, but also we chose the MVP player and best team of the night! They all got more prizes and celebrated joyfully. The piggy bank stacked with money might have suffered, but it was all worth it for the final award, Squid Game style.


It was an enjoyable night for everyone, and I hope that we can have even more fun next year!


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